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Bithika Mistry




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Odissi is an ancient temple dance form from Eastern India. Its great antiquity can be judged from sculptures in temples in the state of Odissa such as the famed sun temple of Konark and the Jagannath temple at Puri, where it used to be performed as an offering to the deity..

In modern times Odissi dance has undergone a great development as a performing art due to the work of Gurus like Kelucharan Mahapatra to whose tradition Bithika belongs, having learnt from Guru Arundhoti Roy - one of his senior disciples.

Bithika has given many performances of Odissi in India and abroad and has also conducted many workshops in association with her Guru Arundhoti Roy

Odissi is based on the more than 1200 year old Sanskrit classic of sage Bharata on dance, drama and music - the Natya Shastra. The dance uses gestures, postures, movements, expressions and aesthetic concepts described in this book and its themes are always spiritual and mythological – derived from the rich world of Hindu mythology.