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hirens boot dvd 15. 0 restored edition v2. Microsoft office 2010 Discount 0 & pocket [disk-reanimator]

hirens boot dvd 15. 0 restored edition v2. 0 & pocket [disk-reanimator] | 2,04 gb

hiren's bootcd - an indispensable tool used by many computer technicians and system administrators. At one bootable cd assembled dozens of the most popular programs and utilities for running dos. This is a utility for working with hard drive, its recovery and diagnostic tools diagnosis of all the computer nodes, file managers, utilities for the network, as well as many others. Hiren's bootcd eliminates the need to keep on hand dozens and dozens of disks required in daily work.
and boot "pocket disk-reanimator" which consists of the best programs and utilities that virtually everything you need for rapid analysis and assistance with the maintenance, diagnosis, repair and restore your computer system.

changes from restored edition v 1. 0.
+ mini windows 7 (pe)
+ powercmd
+ atlantis pro.
+ kaspersky (updated)
+ hot key menus
+ numerous bugs sorted and many minor improvements

-- for installation to usb read document 'usb-installation. windows 7 home premium product key buy online Pdf.
-- to reduce size of dvd to cd read trim2-cd. Txt
-- for keyboards other than english you can still apply hiren's
keyboard patch.

hiren's boot cd is a vast collection of bootable and portable
utilities for the management, diagnosis and repair of computer
problems, recover lost or deleted files or cracking passwords.
in addition, hbcd provides a means to take control of any
computer and communicate with other computers, surf the internet,
write documents or programs, without booting the installed
operating system. There are literally hundreds of utilities and
it is advised that you explore the contents before the need for
it arises. Hiren's boot cd can be used in two ways:

1. 1click dvd copy 4 trial version As a boot cd to take control of the computer without starting
the installed operating system so that we can do repairs or clone
the main disk, recover files, test the memory and hardware,
clean severe viral infections, et. C. To do any of these simply boot the
computer from the cd and select a utility from the menu.
note that the options include a couple of linux rescue environments
which provide many powerful tools for solving and repairing
windows and linux problems.

2. As a collection of portable repair and diagnostic utilities
which can be run from within windows without installation.
to do this insert the cd when windows is running and
select a utility from the hbcd program launcher menu.
if the cd does not autorun you may start the menu by running
hbcdmenu. Cmd
when the operating system not functional or unavailable the
portable utilities may be still be used if we boot the
mini windows xp environment included in the cd. (4th option of
the main boot menu).

for example norton ghost can be started in three ways:

-- boot the cd, select "dos programs" and then "norton ghost".
(useful if we wish to clone or restore the main hard disk
and there is not enough memory to boot mini windows xp).

-- boot the cd, select "mini windows xp" and then select ghost
from the hbcd program launcher menu.

-- boot to your windows operating system, insert the cd and
select ghost from the hbcd program launcher menu.

same for acronis.

-- can be booted from hbcd dos menu (older versions).
-- can be booted directly from main menu (2011 versions).
-- run from mini xp (thanks ha son [10]).
-- run from installed windows xp/vista/7.

this restored dvd includes all the utilities found in the original
hiren's boot cd 15. adobe illustrator cs6 serial number mac 0 (october 2011). [1]
it is called restored because it contains all the commercial utilities
omitted from t 2000 he official releases (since version 11. 0. )
it also includes other tools such by acronis, paragon, active, and other
useful software fully integrated within hiren's menus.

below are listed only the additional programmes and utilities
found in this dvd. The numbers in square brackets [] are referring
to the urls listed at the bottom of this file.
for the complete list of utilities in the official hiren's
boot cd, read the files hbcd. Txt and changes. Txt, or visit [1].

restored dos menu utilities

these are found within the hbcd dos menu.

-- acronis disk director 10. 0 (build 2. 160)
-- acronis true image 8. 1 (build 945)
-- active partition recovery (3. 0)
-- active password changer (3. 0. buy key microsoft streets& trips 420)
-- active undelete (5. 5)
-- drive image (5. 6)
-- erd explorer
-- getdataback for fat/ntfs (4. 0)
-- hdd regenerator (1. 71)
-- ntfs dos pro
-- norton ghost 11. 5. 1
-- norton partitionmagic pro server (8. 05)
-- pc-check (6. 21)
-- paragon partition manager (7. 0. Buy adobe illustrator educational discount 1274)
-- paragon mount everything (3. Office 2010 product key online 0)
-- synantec imagecenter (5. 6)

other included software

-- acronis [4]
-- true image home 12 (build 5. 545).
-- disk director 11 (build 11. 0. 2121).
these can be booted alone, run from mini xp (thanks to ha son)
or run as portables from windows xp/vista/7.

-- active boot disk 5. 3. 3 [6]
with the option to boot either in a dos or win7 environment.
contains tools to image disks, data recovery, partition management,
password resetting, data erasure, network access and other system utilities

-- atlantis word processor 1. Download discount windows 8 pro upgrade 6. 5. 5 pro version (thanks to ha son).
-- avast registry editor
-- calculator (micro$oft calc. Exe is very good why not have it in minixp? )
-- diskgetor data recovery 3. 0 [3]
-- dsynchronize (drive/directory synchronizer) 2. 30. 2
-- dtaskmanager (powerfull process control) 1. 51.
-- getdata recover my files pro 4. 6. 8. 933
-- ghost cast server
-- ghost image explorer
-- hwinfo 3. 65
-- kaspersky rescue disk 10. 0. 29. 6 updated 20 november 2011 [5]
-- mini windows 7.
-- outlook express backup 6. 5
-- passware kit enterprise 10. 3. 2585 (crack any password). [7]
-- paragon hard disk manager 2011 10. microsoft windows 7 pro download uk 0. 15 [8]
-- powercmd 1. 9 [11].
-- quicktech pro 5. 8. Hardware diagnostics and stress test. [9]
-- r-drive 4. 7 (4726)
-- spinrite 6
-- video memory stress test. 1. 21.
-- winrar 4. 00
-- wxhexeditor 0. 11 large (terabyte) file/disk hex editor.
-- sysrescuecd (2. 4. 0 november 2011). [2]
a live linux gentoo based rescue cd (choice of 32 or 64 bit).
it includes many tools for rescuing and managing
linux and windows systems. Hundreds of utilities.
e. G. Clam antivirus, gparted, ntfs-3g, wifi access,
syslinux, telnet, ssh, pxe boot, firefox, vim, mc... purchase apple mountain lion os

-- improved new menu layout now with hotkeys.

kudos and thanks to dimtam for his suggestions, testing, correcting
and uploading the cd.

doc & tt 12. 0
boot "pocket disk-reanimator" which consists of the best programs and utilities that virtually everything you need for rapid analysis and assistance with the maintenance, diagnosis, repair and restore your computer system.

ingredients: hiren's bootcd (only dos utils + micro xp), aida64, autoruns, avz, beep codes viewer, bluescreenview, bsod (description), ccleaner, check flash, complete internet repair, defraggler, driver magician, dr. Web, hdtune pro, mylanview, multi password recovery, nero discspeed, opera, partition wizard, process explorer, reg organizer, r-studio, s & m, total commander, unlocker, video memory stress test, windirstat, winrar, xptweaker.

bases avz and dr. Web
archiver (winrar)
reg organizer program
the program bluescreenview
anti-virus scanner (core)
the program for backing up drivers
program to test hard drives
cleanup of temporary files (ccleaner)
utility display system information aida64
defrag for windows xp, 2003, vista, se7en
a program to recover deleted files (r-studio)
program for viewing loaded during system boot files
complete internet repair (restore access to the network after a virus attack or other failures)

doc&tt 2010 v10 2 multilanguage

doc&tt 2010 v10. 2 multilanguage | 215 mb[/center]
doc & tt boot pocket diskreanimator which consists of the best programs and utilities, virtually everything you need for rapid analysis and assistance with maintenance, diagnosis, repair and restore your computer system.

hirens bootcd (only dos ultility micro xp),
check flash,
driver magician,
ie history manager,
jv16 powertools,
multi password recovery,
nero cddvd speed,
nero infotool,
partition wizard,
process explorer,
registry trash key finder,
thumbnail database viewer,
total commander,
usb drivers,
video memory stress test,

history v10. How to download mac os x snow leopard 2:
updated antivirus
updated firefox browser
updated program recuva
updated program truecrypt
updated test flash drives
updated total commander (7. 55a)
updated program partition wizard
updated antivirus utility avz
updated defragmenter for windows 2000
updated viewer passwords
updated program nero disc speed (cddvd speed)
updated software to recover deleted files
updated by clearing the temporary files (ccleaner)
updated defragmenter for windows xp, 2003, vista, se7en
updated viewer loaded at startup files
program to delete locked files killbox replaced by the program unlocker

language: multi
developer: oxide
file format: iso
os: x86

http://hotfile. Com/links/79386439/cb4bafe/doctt. 10. 2. Part1. Rar. Html
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http://hotfile. Com/links/79386580/7f85480/doctt. 10. 2. Part3. Rar. Html

http://www. Filesonic. Com/file/28466667/doctt. 10. 2. Part1. Rar
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va - dj hits 67 (1996) flac

artist: va
title: dj hits 67
date of realise: 1996
genre: eurodance / europop / eurohouse
total tracks: 16
format: f 1000 lac
quality: lossless
total time: 01:10:14 min
size: 617 mb
01. No mercy - where do you go (club mix)
02. Justine earp - ooo la la la (voodoo club radio 1)
03. Ally & jo - the lion sleeps tonight (remix)
04. Captain hollywood project - love & pain
05. Senor carlos - la asa latina
06. Mr. John - get it on (extended)
07. U 96 - a night to remember (12'' mix)
08. Squeezer - blue jeans
09. Rmb - spring (video mix)
10. link to buy windows 7 professional product key Mimi - shock the ice (12'' mix)
11. Dj holigan - system ecstasy
12. Ice mc - music for money (cash mix)
13. The lisa marie experience - keep on jumpin' (bizarre inc. Remix)
14. Umboza - sunshine
15. Mac os x 10.6 online download Reel 2 real - now that we found love
16. La switch - kiss me baby

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blunt force trauma first aid

blunt force trauma first aid
english | 1h 08mn | 720 x 540 | avi xvid 876 kbps | mp3 96 kbps | 426 mb
genre: elearning

blunt trauma injuries could happen in a variety of ways, a fall from ladder and stairs, a violent car accident, and even a whack from a baseball bat. What would you do? The hospital is 30_45 minutes away on a good day and it will take an ambulance 45_60 minutes to respond. What should you do to help yourself or another person have a better chance of survival?

in this video, you will learn:
+ how to access and evaluate blunt trauma wounds
+ the most important first aid you should give
+ how to prepare the wound for a drive to the hospital
+ how to minimize bleeding
+ how to handle shock and patient duress. Buy photoshop cs6 download online

the program is a must for all police officers, federal agents, self_defense enthusiasts and just about everybody interested in first aid survival techniques.

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defendor (2009) dvdrip xvid ac3

defendor (2009) dvdrip xvid ac3
dvdrip xvid ac3 | avi | english | 1h 41min | 688x288 | xvid - 1524kbps | ac3 - 448kbps | 1. 42 gb
genre: comedy | crime | drama

a comedy centered around three characters: an everyday guy who comes to believe he's a superhero, his psychiatrist, and the teenager he befriends.

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Odissi is an ancient temple dance form from Eastern India. Its great antiquity can be judged from sculptures in temples in the state of Odissa such as the famed sun temple of Konark and the Jagannath temple at Puri, where it used to be performed as an offering to the deity..

In modern times Odissi dance has undergone a great development as a performing art due to the work of Gurus like Kelucharan Mahapatra to whose tradition Bithika belongs, having learnt from Guru Arundhoti Roy - one of his senior disciples.

Bithika has given many performances of Odissi in India and abroad and has also conducted many workshops in association with her Guru Arundhoti Roy

Odissi is based on the more than 1200 year old Sanskrit classic of sage Bharata on dance, drama and music - the Natya Shastra. The dance uses gestures, postures, movements, expressions and aesthetic concepts described in this book and its themes are always spiritual and mythological – derived from the rich world of Hindu mythology.