Bithika Mistry - Odissi Dance


sega genesis classics pack (2011/eng)

sega genesis classics pack (2011/eng)
year: 2011 | language: english | pc | developer: sega | 19. maya autodesk bundle best buy 5 mb
genres: arcade

sega genesis classics pack - is a fascinating journey into the past. If you are not familiar with the best gaming masterpieces of the past years, in which case you now have an excellent chance to find out. And as generations have grown to cult games of shogi, a game of who can go back to the bright carefree childhood. All games from the book adapted to the modern high-resolution, now you do not miss a beat!


this new pack includes games such as:
* alien soldier
* gunstar heroes
* landstalker
* light crusader
* shining force ii
* shining force
* shining in the darkness
* sonic 3 and knuckles
* sonic the hedgehog 2
* streets of rage ii
* streets of rage
* toejam and earl in panic on funkotron
* toejam and earl
* wonderboy iii monster lair.

system requirements:
platform: pc
system: windows xp / windows vista
processor: pentium 3 700 mhz
memory: 128 mb
video card: 64 mb vram
sound: directx compatible
hard disk: cc mb free hard disk space
download from hotfile:
http://hotfile. Com/dl/96466554/f5b8aba/segaclassicspack. Rar. Html

from uploading:

http://uploading. Com/files/4ambd11m/segaclassicspack. Rar/

from fileserve:

http://www. Fileserve. Com/file/s42cvpd

from filesonic:

http://www. Filesonic. Com/file/56955414

hirens' boot: dvd 15. 0 restored edition v1. 0

hirens' boot: dvd 15. 0 restored edition v1. 0 by proteus | 1. 71 gb

the most complete, created from this point, reducing assembly, repair and diagnostic tools, built on hirens. Bootcd. Hiren's bootcd - an indispensable tool used by many computer technicians and system administrators. At one bootable cd contains dozens of the most popular programs and utilities for running dos. This is a utility for working with hard drive, its recovery and diagnostic tools diagnosis of all the computer nodes, file managers, utilities for the network, as well as many others. Hiren's bootcd eliminates the need to keep on hand dozens and dozens of disks required in daily work.

hiren boot cd can be used in two ways:

1. As the boot disk to take control of your computer without having to run the operating system, so that we can repair or make a clone of the primary drive, recover files, memory test and hardware, to clean your computer from a severe viral infection. To do this, simply boot from the cd and select the tool from the menu. Note that the options are to work in windows and linux, which provide a set of powerful tools for solving various problems and repairs.

2. As a collection of portable programs for repair and diagnostics computer literacy with the aid of tools that can be run from within windows, without installation.

menu hbcd dos:
- acronis disk director 10. 0 (build 2. 160)
- acronis true image 8. 1 (build 945)
- active partition recovery (3. 0)
- active password changer (3. 0. 420)
- active undelete (5. 5)
- drive image (5. 6)
- erd explorer
- getdataback for fat / ntfs (4. 0)
- hdd regenerator (1. 71)
- ntfs dos pro
- norton ghost 11. Mac os x 10.6 online 5. 1
- norton partitionmagic pro server (8. 05)
- pc-check (6. 21)
- paragon partition manager (7. Adobe illustrator used for sale 0. 1274)
- paragon mount everything (3. 0)
- synantec imagecenter (5. 6)

list of additional software:
- acronis [4]
- true image home 12 (build 5. 545).
- disk director 11 (build 11. 0. 2121).
these can be booted alone, run from mini xp (thanks to ha son)
or run as portables from windows xp/vista/7.

- active boot disk 5. 3. 3 [6]
with the option to boot either in a dos or win7 environment.
contains tools to image disks, data recovery, partition management,
password resetting, data erasure, network access and other system utilities

- avast registry editor
- calculator (micro $ oft calc. Exe is very good why not have it in minixp? )
- diskgetor data recovery 3. 0 [3]
- dsynchronize (drive / directory synchronizer) 2. 30. 2
- dtaskmanager (powerfull process control) 1. 51.
- getdata recover my files pro 4. 6. 8. 933
- ghost cast server
- ghost image explorer
- hwinfo 3. 65
- kaspersky rescue disk 10. 0. 29. 6 updated 30 october 2011 [5]
- outlook express backup 6. 5
- passware kit enterprise 10. 3. 2585 (crack any password). [7]
- paragon hard disk manager 2011 10. 0. 15 [8]
- quicktech pro 5. 8. Hardware diagnostics and stress test. 2000 [9]
- r-drive 4. Os x 10.7 download 7 (4726)
- spinrite 6
- video memory stress test. Microsoft office 2010 standard oem download 1. 21.
- winrar 4. 00
- wxhexeditor 0. 11 large (terabyte) file / disk hex editor.
- sysrescuecd (2. 4. 0 november 2011). windows 7 pro product key [2]
a live linux gentoo based rescue cd (choice of 32 or 64 bit).

optional: for a more detailed list (och. Bolshoy) programs and the changes are in the archive


http://www. windows 7 professional full retail version Wupload. Com/file/1910583012/h150pr. Part1. Rar
http://www. Wupload. Com/file/1910583017/h150pr. Part2. Rar
http://www. Wupload. Com/file/1910599357/h150pr. Part3. Rar
http://www. Wupload. Com/file/1910585002/h150pr. Part4. Rar

mirror 1 :

http://www. 10.6 os x download Filesonic. Com/file/2985774825/h150pr. Part1. Rar
http://www. Filesonic. Com/file/2985774835/h150pr. Part2. Rar
http://www. Filesonic. Com/file/2985777145/h150pr. Part3. Rar
http://www. Filesonic. Com/file/2985274563/h150pr. Part4. Rar

mirror 2 :

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http://www. windows 7 pro product key Filejungle. Com/f/2mms5x/h150pr. photoshop cs4 OEM Part3. Rar
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bricscad pro 11. 1. 11 portable

bricscad - based on intellicad - is the the 2d and 3d cad platform by preference for users who want to extend their number of professional cad seats or just want to replace other to expensive cad seats. Bricscad v10 reads and writes the native dwg format and offers compatibility with autocad 2010. Bricscad v10 has a very recognisable intuitive user interface and requires no extra training.
new functions
* associative dimensions
* reference edit
* mtext editor
* quick select
* wipe out
* performance improvements
* brx api: recompile and run existing arx code without adaptations
* added dimregen command to update the locations of all associative dimensions
* layon, layoff, layfrz, laythw, laylck, layulk, layiso, layuniso commands in new layer utilities toolbar
* transparency command
* txtexp command for exploding text
* copybase and pasteblock commands
* audit command
* xattach command for attaching xrefs
* statusbar has been reimplemented. The statusbar is now customizable
* documentation: check out the new command reference, included in the help. The developer reference is brought up to date to the v9 com interface

dwg compatibility
* native dwg 2007 file format
* support for autocad versions 2. 5 to 2009
* cui menus and toolbars
* ecw image support
* fast lisp engine with +450 vlax functions support
* full ads/sds support
* new highly compatible com api
* brx/arx support

* powerful drawing explorer
* dockable properties bar
* consolidated settings manager
* customize dialog and editor
* full acis (3d solids) modeling
* visual basic for applications (vba)

size (rar): 146 mb
2% recovery record

download bricscad pro 11. 1. 11 portable

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va - exotic universe #4 (2010)

va - exotic universe #4 (2010)
3 tracks | 21 min | mp3 320 kbps | cbr 44,1khz | 50 mb
genre: house


01. Sundari - loko remix 07:12
02. Toblerone - original mix 06:48
03. Perseus - vick echo remix 07:54

download links:

http://www. Fileserve. Com/file/weubudy/va__exotic_universe_4_2010. Rar

thank you!

that is entertainment! The complete collection 1976

thats entertainment! The complete collection (1976)
english | 6h14mn | xvid | 592x336 | 990kbps | 23fps | mp3 | 448kbps | 2. 92 gb
genre: documentary

includes thats entertainment, thats entertainment part 2, thats entertainment iii, and a bonus fourth disc entitled thats entertainment: treasures from the vault, available exclusively with the giftset featuring more than five hours of exciting extras including three great documentaries, premiere night coverage and salutes to the great behind-the-camera talents, tv specials, making-of featurettes, plus an extensive video jukebox of rare, star-packed musical outtakes from classic films, and more!


you can mirror my post with out my host and no rs,mu,mf

use "rar repair tools" for repair the crc check error, just chose file part01 from archive and start


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http://www. Filejungle. Com/f/uutzqt/b1u3eyes. Mgm. Part5. Rar
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Odissi Dance

Bithika Mistry






Odissi is an ancient temple dance form from Eastern India. Its great antiquity can be judged from sculptures in temples in the state of Odissa such as the famed sun temple of Konark and the Jagannath temple at Puri, where it used to be performed as an offering to the deity..

In modern times Odissi dance has undergone a great development as a performing art due to the work of Gurus like Kelucharan Mahapatra to whose tradition Bithika belongs, having learnt from Guru Arundhoti Roy - one of his senior disciples.

Bithika has given many performances of Odissi in India and abroad and has also conducted many workshops in association with her Guru Arundhoti Roy

Odissi is based on the more than 1200 year old Sanskrit classic of sage Bharata on dance, drama and music - the Natya Shastra. The dance uses gestures, postures, movements, expressions and aesthetic concepts described in this book and its themes are always spiritual and mythological – derived from the rich world of Hindu mythology.